Fun-O-MaticIt is our brand to produce Strike Bowling, our independent game. It includes the main persons (yes, beleive or not, this game has been made by humans) that participated into the project:

  • Jesús Bosch Aiguadé       

    Graduated in Multimedia, Jesus is an XNA programmer. He is member of the XNA Community coordination team, he is also coordinator of the students community UOC DotNetClub he likes to write code all the time and do write posts in his blog as often as possible. E-mail: jbosch@live.com

  • Jordi Gimenez Ruiz       

    Jordi is an audiovisual producer. He can do anything with graphics, from creating videos, design 2D graphics and build and render 3D scenes. E-mail: jorgegim78@hotmail.com


  • David Yingling       

    David is a Sound Engineer, he likes to design all kinds of music and sounds from classical music to techno. He has participated in many projects, you can see (and hear) some of them in his website. E-mail: djyingling@gmail.com



This game wouldn’t exist without the help of many people. Some of the most direct contributors are:

  • Norbo (Bepu Physics engine and technical support)
  • Alex Rodriguez (Enea Games, IT Infrastucture)
  • Didac Alcaraz (Designer and modeler of Player 1)
  • Javier Canton (one of my XNA mentors)
  • Silvino Esquiva (one of my XNA mentors)
  • Tyler Gasve (one of my XNA mentors)
  • Rodrigo Diaz (Technical support)
  • Magda Martinez (Emotional support – very important!)
  • Marta Rueda (Emotional support – very important too!)
  • XNA Community (Technical support)
  • XNA Creators Club (Technical support)

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